Putting Your House on The Market This Winter?

Putting Your House on The Market This Winter?

During the holiday season we think about a lot of things – family, food, decors, parties, shopping. Selling your house is probably not on the top of your list at this time. But the holidays actually be a good oppotunity to show your home to potential buyers. A home adorned with Christmas decors and lights add to its appeal.

Here are some important things to keep in mind as you prepare your home:

  • The first things that buyers will see is the exterior of your house. This is why curb appeal is vital. If it’s snowing in your area, clear the walkway, path and stairs.
  • Put holiday lights outside. They exude holiday cheer and show pride in ownership. But don’t overdo it because they can only be enjoyed at night. Unless potential buyers visit your home at night, they won’t be able to see it.
  • Trim trees outside your home. You wouldn’t want to risk having someone get hurt or the house damaged because a branch fell because of strong winds.
  • Put a pretty holiday welcome mat outside the frnt door.
  • Clear the outdoor area. Put away bicycles, scooters, toys etc.
  • Hang a cheerful wreath on the front door.
  • Play holiday music softly to add to the effect.
  • Set a cozy and warm feel. Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable level.
  • Light the fireplace. But never levae it unattended.
  • The holiday decor won’t be complete without a tree. Pick the tree carefully. Make sure it’s the right size for your house or living room. If you pick a tree too big, the living room will look small or crammed if you put it wth other furniture.
  • Don’t overdo the decors. Potential buyers might be overwhelmed if you put too many that the house might look cluttered. Remember, your goal is to sell the house, not the decors.
  • If you’re expecting buyers for viewing in the evening, make sure your agent knows which decors and lights to turn on. And if you don’t plan to be back home soon after the viewing, make sure the agent turns everything off to avoid untoward incidents.
  • Bake holiday treats often. It will leave an enticing smell.
  • Don’t forget your security. Remind your agent to turn back on your home security after your house had been shown.
Remember that the holiday decors should just accent your home and not overpower it. What’s important is that you’ll create a sense of love, joy and warmth.

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